27.03 A
The calculation of seniority for full-time employees whose service includes some work performed during certain periods shall be governed by the following:

(i) effective September 1, 1976, seniority shall include the period of 24 full months of non-continuous employment (in periods of at least one full month each) in a 48 calendar month period, for those who completed a probationary period on that basis since that date. For this purpose, only the period after September 1, 1975, shall be considered and no prior employment or calendar period shall be taken into account or credited.

However, an employee’s continuous service acquired in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement dated September 17, 1975, as at August 31, 1976, for the period back to September 1, 1975, shall count as continuous employment or months of non-continuous accumulated employment for the purpose of this provision;

(ii) for the purpose of (i), effective September 1, 1976, a calendar month in which the employee completes 15 or more days worked shall be considered a “full month”;

(iii) for the purpose of (i) and (ii), effective September 1, 1981, if an employee completes less than 15 days worked in each of the calendar months at the start and end of the employee’s period of employment and such days worked, when added together, exceed 15 days worked an additional full month shall be considered to be completed.

27.03 B
An employee who commenced full-time employment with the College directly from the College’s predecessor educational institutions shall be credited for the purpose of this Article with seniority equal to the employee’s continuous service in such predecessor institutions. Predecessor institutions of a particular College are institutions where programs previously offered by that institution were continued at the College, and the staff associated with those programs became employees of the College.

27.03 C
A full-time employee shall continue to accumulate seniority for the purpose of this Article while:

(i) in the College’s active employ;

(ii) employed and absent through verified illness or injury;

(iii) on a College-approved leave of absence for up to 24 months. Secondments are appointments to an employer or agency other than the College;

(iv) on a College-approved leave of absence on an exchange program;

(v) on a College-approved professional development leave of absence;

(vi) on a College-approved secondment for up to 24 months; or

(vii) temporarily assigned within the College to a position outside the bargaining unit, for up to 24 months. A person may not combine such assignments to accrue greater than 24 months seniority under this section (vii).

27.03 D
Seniority shall be lost and employment deemed terminated if:

(i) an employee is discharged and is not reinstated through the grievance or arbitration procedure;(ii) a person is laid off for more than 24 months;

(iii) an employee resigns or leaves the employ of the College;

(iv) a person on lay-off fails to return to the College’s employ in accordance with the notice of recall. A person on lay-off shall not lose seniority and shall not be deemed to be terminated where the person is unable to return to the College’s employ, on one occasion only during the lay-off, where a notice of recall is of one month’s duration or less. It is understood that in such circumstances, the College and the employee may mutually agree to adjust the period of the notice of recall where educational and operational objectives so require;

(v) a person utilizes a leave of absence for other than the reason for which the leave of absence is given; or

(vi) a person fails to return upon the completion of any leave of absence except for reasons satisfactory to the College.

27.03 E 1
A person who has been in a position that is now covered by the Agreement and has been or is assigned up to and including August 31, 1978, a position with the College outside the Agreement will be credited with and continue to accumulate seniority for the purpose of this Agreement while in the employ of the College.

27.03 E 2
Employment with the College in a position ordinarily outside the bargaining unit in the course of which teaching, counselling or library assignments have been undertaken in the College (other than on an unusual or isolated basis) shall count in computing seniority of persons hired by the College in positions outside the Agreement. Such seniority shall be credited in the proportion that the teaching, counselling or library assignment is of a full-time assignment based on one-quarter, one-half or three-quarters of a month of seniority for each full month’s employment.

27.03 E 3
A person who is covered by the Agreement and is permanently assigned a position with the College outside the Agreement after August 31, 1978, will be credited with and maintain seniority as at the date of assignment for six years thereafter while in the employ of the College. Should such person be permanently assigned to a position outside of the bargaining unit, within six months following a temporary assignment within the College outside the bargaining unit, the seniority accumulated during the temporary assignment shall not be credited to the person.

27.03 E 4
Seniority credited pursuant to this Article can only be exercised once the person concerned has entered or re-entered the bargaining unit as the case may be.