Article 14

14.01 A
Determination of starting salaries and progression within the salary schedules  shall be in accordance with the Job Classification Plans (see pages 117-122). The application to certain present employees above the maximum step on the salary schedule shall continue as set out in 14.03.

14.01 B
The College shall, upon the initial hiring of an employee in the bargaining unit, forward a copy of the initial step placement calculation to the Union Local

14.02 A
The salary schedules in 14.03 will apply to persons teaching more than 12 hours on a regular Persons teaching over six and up to and including 12 hours on a regular basis will be covered by 26.04.

14.02 B
It is recognized that a full-time teacher who may be assigned by the College to an instructional assignment of less than 13 hours per week shall continue to be paid on the basis of salary rather than on an hourly rate except as may occur through the application of Article 27, Job Security, or as may be mutually agreed between the employee and the College.

14.02 C 1
A full-time employee may request and, with the approval of the College, may undertake a less than full-load assignment for a mutually agreed period.

14.02 C 2
Such employee shall be paid on the basis of pro-rata base salary rather than on an hourly rate. Effective September 24, 1998, such employee shall continue to accumulate seniority on a full-time basis for the duration of the mutually agreed period. The method of calculating pro-rata base salaries and benefits under this section shall be established by mutual agreement between the employee and the The request of the employee shall be in writing and a copy provided to the Union Local President.

Salary Schedules for Full-Time Professors, Counsellors and Librarians

 14.03 A 1
The following table indicates the annual base salary paid at each step on the Salary Schedule to full-time Professors, Counsellors and Librarians.

OPSEU 558 Salary Schedule 1403A1

Maximum Salary Table

(b) The following table indicates the maximum salary level attainable by an employee based on that employee’s relevant formal education levels and equivalencies.

OPSEU 558 Maximum Salary Table

NOTE: Formal educational qualifications not specified above will be subject to evaluation by the Joint Educational Qualifications Subcommittee, as described in Appendix II.

* Equivalent qualifications for a certified Journeyperson or someone treated as such, shall mean the successful completion of five full-year CAAT courses at the technologists level of which two are directly related to the individual’s area of expertise, or the equivalent. The course of study leading to equivalent qualifications for a certified Journeyperson or someone treated as such, shall be approved in advance by the College.

Control Point Table

14.3 A 2
(a) Annual increments to the control point are based on experience, at the rate of one step for each completed year on-the-job experience. Above the control point, but not beyond the maximum, one step will be granted where performance in the past year was satisfactory. For the purposes of this paragraph the following shall be considered as on-the-job experience: leave for union activities, paid leave of absence, secondment.

(b) The following table indicates the control point relevant for an employee based on the maximum base salary level that employee may attain in the salary schedule. The control point relevant to full-time instructors is contained within the wage schedule 14.03 A 2 (c).

OPSEU 558 Salary Control Point Table

Salary Schedules for Full-Time Instructors

(c) The following table indicates the annual base salary paid at each step on the Salary Schedule to full-time Instructors.

 OPSEU 558 Salary Schedules for Full Time Instructors

Allowances – Professors

14.03 A 3
Coordinator Allowance – Coordinators are teachers who in addition to their teaching responsibilities are required to provide academic leadership in the coordination of courses and/or programs. Coordinators report to the academic manager who assigns their specific duties, which shall be determined prior to the acceptance of the designation, subject to changes as circumstances require. It is understood that coordinators do not have responsibility for the supervision or for the disciplining of teachers in the bargaining unit. It is not the intention of the Colleges to require employees to accept the designation of coordinator against their wishes.

Those employees who are designated as coordinators will receive an allowance equal to one or two steps on the appropriate salary schedule. Such allowance will be in addition to the individual’s annual base salary.

14.3 A 4
Employees with the following qualifications shall be entitled to progress to the maximum step on the salary schedule:

(i) A General Pass University degree plus a Bachelor of Education degree;

(ii) Three year CAAT Diploma or General Pass University Degree or Certified Journeyperson holding equivalent qualifications, plus a valid Ontario Teacher’s Certificate granted before 1992 or equivalent as may be ruled on by Joint Educational Qualifications Subcommittee (JEQS);

(iii) A General Pass University Degree, plus a valid Ontario Guidance Specialist’s Certificate granted before 1992 or equivalent as may be ruled on by JEQS; or

(iv) The In-Service Teacher Training Program Certificate. As this is a unique in- service College program, equivalencies are not considered.


14.03 A 5
For Professors and Counsellors and Librarians the applicable maximum is the Step on the schedule reflecting their individual qualifications. For Instructors, the applicable maximum is the maximum salary for their classification. However, in the application of 14.03 A 6, the base salary rate of an employee may exceed the employee’s maximum, in which case the higher rate will prevail for the term of this Agreement.

14.3 A 6
Professors or Counsellors being paid a base salary rate in excess of Step 16 on August 31, 1991, pursuant to Section 2(f) of the guidelines attached to the September 17, 1975 Agreement, will have their base salaries increased effective as of September 1, 1992 and September 1, 1993 so that their new base salaries will exceed the maximum of the salary schedule as of such dates by the same amount as in effect under the immediately previous Agreement.

14.4 A
Persons who teach over six and up to and including 12 hours per week on a regular basis shall be referred to as “partial-load” employees. They shall not receive salary or vacation but shall be paid for the performance of each teaching hour at an hourly rate in accordance with the rates set out in Article 26, Partial-Load Employees.