Article 27 — JOB SECURITY

A full-time employee shall be appointed to regular status upon successful completion of the probationary period and be credited with seniority at least equal to the probationary period served.

Probationary Period

27.02 A 1
A full-time employee will be on probation until the completion of the probationary period. This shall be one year of continuous active employment for full-time employees employed after September 23, 2014.

27.02 A 2
The probationary period of an employee may be extended for up to one additional year where the College determines that the employee’s performance has not met expectations. The College shall provide a performance improvement plan to the employee. The plan shall specify the areas where improvement is needed and the supports and resources that the College will provide to the employee. The Union Local will be notified if an employee’s probationary period is extended.

27.02 B
The probationary period for an employee shall alternatively consist of 12 full months of non-continuous employment (in periods of at least one full month each) in a 24 calendar month period. For the purposes of 27.02 B, a calendar month in which the employee completes 15 or more days worked shall be considered a “full month”.

If an employee completes less than 15 days worked in each of the calendar months at the start and end of the employee’s period of employment and such days worked, when added together, exceed 15 days worked, an additional full month shall be considered to be completed.

27.02 C
Active employment, for the purposes of the probationary period for an employee will include the vacation period and accumulated absences of less than 20 working days.

27.02 D
During the probationary period an employee will be informed in writing of the employee’s progress at intervals of four months continuous employment or four full months of accumulated non-continuous employment and a copy given to the employee.

27.02 E
A probationary employee may be released upon at least 30 calendar days’ written notice or pay in lieu thereof. If requested by the employee, the reason for such release will be given in writing.

27.02 F
The Union Local shall be advised of the date on which an employee completes the probationary period.