Article 31 — Personnel Records

A performance appraisal, including written progress reports referred to in 27.02 which are to be filed on the employee’s record, shall be shown to the employee in advance. The employee may add the employee’s views to such appraisal before it is filed. It is understood that such an appraisal does not in itself constitute disciplinary action by the College against the employee.

The employee shall receive a copy of any disciplinary notice to be placed in that employee’s file. Where the College or an arbitrator/arbitration board determines that any suspension or written disciplinary notations were without cause, such suspension or written disciplinary notation and grievances arising thereunder shall be removed from the employee’s record.

An employee shall be given access to the employee’s record and shall, upon request, be given a copy of any documents contained in the employee’s record.

31.04 If the College meets with an employee for the purpose of issuing a written disciplinary notice, including verbal reprimands, the employee shall be given reasonable notice of the meeting in order that the employee may arrange to have a Union representative present if the employee so chooses. The Union shall make every reasonable effort to have a representative available. If a representative is not available, the employee may have another member of the bargaining unit attend. In any event, the meeting shall not be unduly delayed.