What are the issues with the employer’s offer of settlement?

The CAAT-A Bargaining Team met with Local Presidents and the Bargaining Advisory Committee on Monday, September 20, to review the College Employer Council team’s offer of settlement, tabled last Friday.

Below is a summary chart of the CEC team’s current offer of settlement, along with a detailed explanation of why the faculty team, after consultation with the Local Presidents and Bargaining Advisory Committee, cannot recommend the offer to members. Simply put, the CEC offer does not address faculty’s demands, nor does it reflect the changes that are immediately needed in the system.

IssueEmployer’s Offer IncludesWhy Can’t Your Team Recommend It?
Staffing• Item 7: Article 2.02 and 2.03A staffing grievances may not include data from Sept. 1, 2014–Dec. 20, 2017 or March 23, 2020–April 30, 2022. This will limit the Union’s ability to create new full-time positions• This is a concession to our staffing language (Article 2), as opposed to the improvements in the Faculty team’s proposal
• No language preventing contracting out
• No language to establish and safeguard a stable complement of full-time faculty
• No requirement for Colleges to give preference to hiring partial-load faculty instead of part-time
• No minimum requirement for staffing Colleges with counsellors or librarians
Partial - Load• Item 8: PL credited with service for scheduled teaching days that fall on holidays, for purposes of 26.10 C
• Item 9: Convert PL registry to academic year instead of calendar year; move registration date from Oct. 30 to April 30.
• No measurement of actual PL workload (including prep, evaluation, out of class assistance)
• No mechanism to limit actual workload associated with PL contract
• No improvements to PL seniority language; no improved transparency of or access to the partial-load registry
• No improvements to access to benefits between contracts (whereas faculty proposals would improve access)
• No access to workload dispute resolution
Equity• Item 1: Non-binding equity, diversity + inclusion “joint advisory group” to collect demographic data
– May make recommendations for changes to the Collective Agreement in the next round of bargaining
– Not co-chaired; Union pays ½ of all costs
• Item 5: Non-binding Truth & Reconciliation Round Table to study issues of interest to both Union and Employer
– 8 member Round Table with regional representation only
– Makes recommendations a) for changes to the Collective Ag