Local 558 Officers:

  • President – RM Kennedy
  • 1st Vice-President – Allan Reid
  • 2nd Vice-President – Aparna Halpe
  • Chief Steward – Patricia Steger
  • Secretary –Kumaran Mahathevan

Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns or comments.

The stewards and officers of the Local comprise the Local Executive Committee (LEC). All officers are also stewards. The LEC meets as required to direct the activities of the Local between membership meetings.


Officers are stewards who have been elected, by members of the Local, for a two-year period at the Annual General Membership Meeting.

All officers must be stewards in order to stand for election. Officers may be re-elected.


Stewards serve for a two-year period and may be re-elected.

Stewards provide information and advice on matters related to your work and employment. They refer you to one of the officers if that is appropriate.


If you believe that you have a complaint or a grievance or if you have any questions about your rights under the Collective Agreement, you are encouraged to contact your steward or the Local.

Your steward may suggest actions that can quickly resolve your problem.

Since grievances and workload complaints must be made to the employer within specific time limits, it is best to seek advice promptly to ensure your rights under the Collective Agreement.