Ontario Public Service Employees Union Local 558

Bargaining Team Update

As you know, Bill 124 – which had previously limited our salary increases to 1% – was struck down and declared “null and void” last November by the Ontario Superior Court. The presence of Bill 124 throughout our bargaining process, however, meant that the College Employer Council (CEC) refused to negotiate increases to salary or benefits beyond 1%.


OPSEU Local 558 represents approximately 400 counselors, faculty and librarians at Centennial College.

We have a strong local union and a dedicated group of stewards representing all areas of the college. The concerns and needs of our membership are at the centre of all activities.

Whether it’s quickly helping to solve your workplace complaint, representing you at a grievance hearing, guiding you through a problem with your employee benefit package, or assisting you with your Standard Workload Form, we’re here to help. 

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New Collective Agreement Update

We are still waiting for the publication of the current Collective Agreement but you can download a PDF version of what we have currently here.

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